Tiger’s abscesses Day 2

Thanks to a well-behaved Google Maps, we found out way to the vet’s and back home safely today!!  For someone as severely directionally dyslexic as me, this is quite an achievement.

So, how are Tiger’s abscesses today?

Thankfully, according to the vet, it is showing signs of healing…quite well too.

I sent a photo to the vet this morning and he already said it looked better.

Upon a physical examination this afternoon, it certainly appears that the two wounds are healing now.

What a relief!

It might look pretty bad to the untrained eye, but it’s healing and that’s good.

The vet flushed the wounds with saline and unlike yesterday where the liquid came out from the other wound through the fistula (tunnel) under the skin, this did not happen today. This probably means that the wounds have started to close up inside.

However, today, the vet noticed two soft masses lower down Tiger’s body. The vet said he did not detect these masses yesterday, but they could have escaped his eye and touch as we were focused on the major wounds.

The two masses are soft but upon closer examination, the vet found puncture wounds on both. But the puncture wounds have already healed. The hypothesis is that these could have been (again) self-inflicted wounds which happened at least 2 weeks ago. Cats heal pretty fast superficially, so the puncture wounds have closed up but inside, there is still some infection and maybe some pus. If this is the case, let’s hope the oral antibiotics will take care of it. Another possible hypothesis is that the fluids in these two masses result from the wounds. Maybe the fluids flowed down and settled into these two masses.

Whatever the cause is (which is unknown), the vet said to wait and see. So, this whole part was shaven as well to enable better monitoring.

After the flushing, povidone iodine was applied.

We came home with a bottle of saline, some syringes and another bottle of povidone iodine as our supply is running low at home. We will be doing the flushing ourselves at home, twice daily. And I’ll keep the vet updated with photos on a daily basis.

We’re home!

Apart from a bit of mewing, Tiger was really very, very well-behaved in the car.

The welcoming committee consists of Daffodil, Ginger, Tabs and Heidi. Tabs is the one who is most concerned. Tiger has been Tabs’ best friend ever since Tabs found her way to our home (in the old neighbourhood).

Two shaven parts, but never mind, the fur will grow back.

Some Cubgrub as a reward for being such a good cat.

Tiger did not throw a fuss at all, throughout the journey as well as at the vet’s during the procedure.

Throughout the last 2-3 weeks when I noticed his hunching, Tiger had been unable to eat from a bowl on the floor. I had to put it up onto a stool or box. It must have been due to the abscesses on his back which escaped our notice. At least, now we know why.

Even now, he eats better when the bowl is lifted up to his mouth.

Our next trip to the vet’s will be in a few days’ time. Again, this depends on Tiger’s healing and progress.

As of today, it’s good.

Thank you very much for everyone’s kind wishes for Tiger’s recovery.

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