Cat-themed chiffon scarves and costume jewellery for fundraising

Updates: All 4 pieces of big scarves sold! All rings and ear-studs sold!  Now, only the 3 small scarves are left.  

The original post:

We thank Lina Wong for donating the following to us for fundraising! 100% of your donation will go to our Neutering Fund.

If you are interested to purchase, please contact me at

Self-collection at SS18/6 or by post (shipping charges apply).

Thank you.

Cat chiffon scarves

The Musical Cats
RM18 each
35 in by 74 in

Black – 1 pc

Grey – 1 pc

Pink – 2 pcs

The small cat scarves
RM13 each
14 in by 61 in

Pink, beige and black – 1 each

The rings
RM10 each

Cats’ ears

Crystal cat


The ear studs
RM15 each

Pink cats

Pearl cats

Crystal cats with ribbons

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