Foldable bags as gifts to the orphanage (fundraising)

We would like to thank our anonymous donor and long-time supporter for her kind donation of RM400 for these small foldable bags. They will be gifted to orphans for Christmas later this year!

These are meaningful and useful gifts – to educate the young on using cloth bags instead of plastic ones. And of course, the street animals benefit directly from our neutering aid and the environment and marine animals benefit on the long-term – thanks to not using plastic!

All home-sewn, with lots of love and help from the cats!

Some of them are done in patchwork design, in line with the concept of not wasting and optimising resources and material.

And for the younger children, our cats decided to contribute five mini bags too!

Thank you very much for supporting our foldable bag project in saving the environment and raising funds for the street animals.

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