Farewell, dearest Daffodil

Our dearest Daffodil passed away peacefully this morning, at about 7am.

Much as it is very painful to lose a beloved family member, we are seeking comfort in the fact that Daffodil was happy and comfortable until the very end. As her vet said (when I informed him this morning), Daffodil didn’t seem to be in pain at all, despite her illness. Still so happy and healthy when he last saw her on Sunday.

Her passing was also very peaceful.

The only sign of her deterioration was yesterday when she did not want to eat. But she still licked liquid food off my finger many times throughout the day. She was still jumping onto the sofa and last night, she went out to the patio and spent her time with Ginger. Both were sitting at the patio, enjoying the night air.

Later, she came into the living room and joined us for some tv time. She sat with my husband, as was her usual habit every night.

But when we went upstairs, she didn’t follow us. She slept on the chair and we covered her with an additional blanket. All night, she did not come upstairs. Normally, she would always come up to the bed and sleep with us for awhile.

This morning, she was still warm when I found her under the sofa. She had just gone. She was very, very peaceful and we are comforted by that. Most likely, she passed away in her sleep. No sign of any struggle at all. Very, very peaceful.

I know consciousness takes some time to leave, so I told Daffi to go peacefully and not to worry about anything. I promised her we will definitely take very good care of Ginger. Her eyes were still open at the time. I gently closed them.

We are very thankful to all of you, our dear friends and readers, for having been with us, in spirit, throughout Daffodil’s last few months as she bravely lived with the tumour. We thank you so much for your kind prayers, wishes and moral support and love, especially when Daffi made the roof-escape and was away for three days. Thank you for all your kind suggestions and also the physical help rendered.

We are also very thankful to Daffodil’s vet. I informed him this morning and am deeply touched by his compassion and kindness as we exchanged many text messages. Daffodil is indeed lucky to have been cared for by such a compassionate vet.

We are grateful that the vet taught us how to clean her tumour that day. For a cat who thrives on being well-groomed and clean, we kept the tumour really clean after that and we could see that she was happy about that. That was important.

Just yesterday, I bought two brands of kitten food, as advised by the vet, but Daffodil was already not keen to eat. I had also cooked a new batch of homecooked food for her. When everyone ate in the kitchen, Daffodil still came in to join in, but when offered food, she just stared at it. I even offered various types of food, hoping she might like any one of them. Finally, I resorted to just letting her lick off liquid food from my finger, which she did. Very small amounts. At one point, she was sleeping on the sofa, but when everyone ate, she got up and came into the kitchen, just to join in. She was still able to do that yesterday. It was all very “normal” for her. The only difference was that she did not want to eat anymore.

A cat knows and they normally want to go clean.

We brought my mum over this morning and also informed Mukda. Both Mukda and Francis (they were Daffodil, Ginger and Rosie’s feeders before we moved into this neighbourhood) came over to say goodbye too. Francis confirms that Daffodil is 17 years old as they moved in in 2000 and Daffodil was a kitten then. We moved in here in January 2012, so Daffi has been with us for almost six years now. We are honoured Daffodil chose us to live with.

We need to say our goodbyes now as we spend our last few hours before Pet Memorial comes for the last rites. I have requested for the last pick-up so that we can have some time with Daffi. I need time to mourn and grieve.

Once again, thank you very much, dear friends, for being with Daffodil and us. Your friendship has made the journey more meaningful.

Cow, as always knows something is amiss, so he kept mewing at the grille. I let him out to say goodbye too.

Tabs and Tiger are staying with me now.

Run free and be happy at Rainbow Bridge, dearest Daffi.

You have lived a full life, been such a great mom to Rosie and Ginger and a dearly loved companion to all of us. In these last few months, your strength and courage have been inspirational. We will miss you very much.

Till we meet again.

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