In loving memory of Daffodil, the cat-mother-of-the-year

There are so, so many sweet memories of Daffodil, but most significant of all would be her extraordinary devotion as a mother to Rosie and Ginger, taking care of them so lovingly throughout her entire life, literally.

She also trained them to be “well-mannered” (that’s just me humanising), but she did.

These photos were taken just last week and I hadn’t even got down to publishing them, but here they are…

The famous Bird Family welcoming committee, whether it’s the front door or the bathroom. Daffodil trained her children to do this by leading the way.

Below are some pictures taken just now, before our final farewell.

Indy has a tendency to be in denial over deaths, but he finally got round to saying farewell.

Tiger stayed with Daffodil and me, throughout.

Like a guard of honour. Tiger does that. He’s got a good heart.

Now, let’s pay a photo tribute to the world’s greatest cat-mum:

Truly, the world’s greatest cat-mum!

While we should celebrate Daffodil’s life for she has indeed lived a very full life, it’s nevertheless very sad to be parted from a beloved member of the family. It’s all part of the grieving process. We need to grieve and mourn adequately so that we can move on and remember only the sweet memories.

Two days ago, I knew Daffodil’s end was already near. The vet had earlier said that her heart would give way fastest than any further damage that could have been caused by the tumour. In fact, the tumour was already shrinking, but her heart was weak. It’s old age. No one can escape from that.

Yesterday, Daffodil did call out to me many times. It was unusual, and I knew. She would be sitting on the shelf in the bathroom and when I was about to go out, she called out to me and mewed. It was her way of telling me something. I patted her and told her she was a good girl and reassured her that everything would be alright.

I was also a little worried as I have a busy week ahead. I wanted to be around for her in case she became too weak or recumbent and needed nursing care or to be hand-fed. I was already mentally making plans to be home, as far as I could.

But it happened quickly….this morning. Daffodil was still active and okay yesterday. No indication of severe weakness of any kind. She was still chilling outside with Ginger, enjoying the night air at the patio, last night.

It is a blessed way to go…. No prolonged suffering. We are thankful for this, but of course, it is still sad.

But such is life. It’s called LIFE, but no one gets out alive. Our only hope is that while we are alive, we do the best we can for the happiness of the many and when it’s time to go, we go as peacefully as we can.

Daffodil did just this. She looked after Rosie and Ginger so incredibly well throughout her life and she was a faithful companion to us. I will definitely miss all our sewing sessions. I am glad, though, that just last week, I managed to complete two pieces of small blankets for the cats, which Daffodil loved. Daffodil always loved pretty things. And she even helped with the next two pieces which I am sewing now.

I was just a bit sad this morning when I looked at the tupperwares of special homecooked food that I had just made for her. It had more protein as the vet said that might help her gain weight. Daffodil never got to eat it. I tried giving her yesterday, but she was already refusing any solid food. And I had just bought two brands of kitten food for her too. It’s okay, everyone else will have a feast in Daffodil’s memory – yummy kitty food. Up until two days ago, Daffodil was still eating very well, asking for food every few hours.

Late last night, I texted Daffi’s vet. I had arranged to bring her over for a check-up this morning, to see if subcut fluids might help. I thought we might have to resort to that if she couldn’t eat on her own. But again, all that was unnecessary.

I think this is what Daffodil would have wanted for herself. To go peacefully, clean and simple. She had always been a proud cat (that’s “proud” in a good feline sense).

I will miss having the Bird Family welcoming committee whenever I get home or come out of the bathroom. She would always be there. I will miss having Daffodil on our bed. Yesterday evening, she was still on our bed, sleeping on her favourite soft blanket.

And then there’s the great escapades, of course. Who can forget those heart-stopping moments.

So many sweet memories of our dear little Daffodil.

I miss Daffi very much.

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