Daffodil’s remains are back

Daffodil’s remains are back with us now.

Thank you very much, Pet Memorial, for the compassionate and excellent service.

Later on, we will intern Daffodil’s ashes at the same place as Rosie’s.

I’ve been waiting for a sign from Daffodil. Perhaps a butterfly? Any sign at all?  There hasn’t been any.

But as Confucius would say, “Understand earth. Heaven will take care of itself.” We can debate about what happens after death, but nobody REALLY knows what happens. The concept of heaven, Rainbow Bridge or a better rebirth in a higher realm are all very comforting, though. It’s our faith and beliefs that comfort us in such times.

But we still need to get back to earth, as Confucius says.

Understand earth. If only that were possible….

But this much I do know: Our purpose in life is to do as much good as we can for the benefit of as many as we can.

So, right now, I have to ensure Ginger is okay.

I think the poor boy misses his mum. And it’s starting to sink in now.

Ginger tried to go out of Stargate2 this morning. I let him out for awhile, but brought him back in. He didn’t wander far. Just to Mr Zurik’s bench and that’s that.

He looked a bit lost.

Even though we let him say goodbye yesterday, I think he didn’t understand what had happened and is now missing the presence of his mum.

This is probably why for me, pet death is harder to deal with than human death. With humans, you can explain to the surviving humans what has happened, that the person is gone and not coming back. But with pets, how do you explain it to them?

You can’t.

Maybe it’s like being unable to explain death to a 2-year old human child. But then, a 2-year old might not know how to grieve yet.

But animals grieve when they miss their loved ones.

This is the difficult part.

Ginger came to greet us at the door last night, but just now, when I came home, he did not. Only Tabs came.

I found Ginger sitting at the bicycles. That’s his favourite place.

Yesterday, after we brought him to say goodbye to Daffodil, he was at the bicycles, sleeping. He slept for a long time.

If you remember, when Rosie took a turn for the worse, Daffodil already knew and she distanced herself from Rosie by rejecting her. It was painful for Rosie, but that’s how animals protect themselves. It’s nature’s way.

But this time, Ginger didn’t know anything. And there was no distancing at all by Ginger. The two were still together right until the night before Daffi passed away. Ginger had not seen it coming at all. He wasn’t prepared at all.

By nature, Ginger is also not as perceptive as normal cats.

So, Ginger would have to learn to live without his mum now.

We will get through this, Ginger. Together.

Understand earth….. Do we?

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