Playtime for Ginger

It’s been heartbreaking watching Ginger mew all over the house yesterday, looking….

We spent a lot of time with him, cuddled him and put him beside us. Daffodil is not around to groom him anymore now, so I have to play the part now. Which I will, of course.

This afternoon, I remember that Ginger loves playing with the silvervine pillows, so I refilled one for him to play with.

Indy and Ginger both detected the scent of silvervine instantly.

Luckily I sewed three.

I even took a video…

Of course Indy had his own pillow too.

He pushed it down and Tiger got it!

Indy hasn’t been too well lately. Initially, I feared it was stomatitis (like Vincent’s) because a few days ago, he did that sudden twitching while he was eating. Then again, maybe something got stuck in his gums too. And on that day, he wasn’t much interested in food. The next day, he showed me that he had loose stools. But he is eating again now, though he prefers kibble. Normally, Indy is an eating-machine. Will monitor his condition.

He asked to come out, so I told him he may, as long as he doesn’t spray. Let’s hope he doesn’t.

I really hope Indy is okay, because during the few times that Indy was sick, no vet could find out what was wrong with him. It was all mysterious and serious. We were just plain lucky that he got out of the illness, after all kinds of trial-and-error treatment. He even got two senior vets completely baffled.

That’s Indy for you.

Back to the cat pillow story:

All three for you, Ginger.

But of course, cat pillow playtime normally only lasts about 10-15 minutes.

And Ginger went back out to look out of Stargate2.

The funny thing is that when Daffodil did her gopher-escape and disappeared (we suspect she was on the roof) for three whole days, Ginger did not look for her at all. Maybe Ginger could still detect her scent on the roof. But now, her scent is no more. So, Ginger misses it.

We will be okay, Ginger. We just need some time.

Ever since Daffodil’s passing, Ginger only came to the front door once, to greet me when I came back. At other times, he was at the bicycles.

Previously, it was routine for him. When I drive my car in, I would see Ginger (and maybe even Tabs) at Stargate2, looking out. Then, the moment I open the front door, there…Daffodil and Ginger would be there. Without fail.

Daffodil taught her children “good manners”.

And that goes for the bathroom as well.

Well, just now….

Ginger greeted me outside the bathroom.

Understand earth. Live in the present moment. 

Coming up next: Bunny & gang’s cat pillow video…






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  1. lay peng loh

    With the love you showered for Ginger, believe he will get over soon. Take care Sis.