Some reflections

For the last one week, ever since we were informed that the Selangor Neutering Subsidy (SENS) is open to all Selangorians (those who have a Selangor address on their IC’s), we have been gradually informing our many Selangor regular applicants that they are now eligible to apply for the Selangor government funds.

The criteria for eligibility are (1) Selangor address  (2) Selangor vet.

Surprisingly, though, none of our applicants seemed to be aware that they are eligible to apply.

So far, only six Selangorians have responded to say they will apply for SENS the next round. Even though it is just six people who are willing to switch over, this will free up some of our funds and enable us to reach out to those who do not hold Selangor IC’s (and the rest of Malaysia). Sadly, many just ignored the information. The information was conveyed through whatsapp, so we know it has been read, but there is no response.

But I suppose the saddest and most disappointing case was from one former applicant who wrote to ask if she could claim “from both sides”. The silver lining, if any, is that at least she asked rather than just do it quietly. But isn’t it sad that there are people who don’t even know that it is dishonest to do such things?

Ever since SENS was launched, we have been browsing through their webpage every day to ensure there is no double claiming. We owe it to our donors to do this cross-checking.

Honesty is a virtue.

On another note, you’d notice that sometimes we have applicants who claim for a few animals who tend to look alike. For such cases, we always request for a photo of the look-alike animals to be taken together. It is for accountability to our donors and readers. It is indeed heartening when applicants understand and comply even though they sometimes have to go out of their way to take the photos. Once, there was an elderly lady who was even willing to bring the two look-alike dogs (who had already been rehomed to two different houses) together just to take the photo for us. And recently, another lady drove all the way to the adopter’s house to take the photo for us. We are very grateful for such cooperation and kind consideration. Of course, there are also those who complain, as usual.

It does take all kinds to make the world. Take the good, leave the bad, learn from both.

For those who are honest, considerate and thoughtful, we are honoured to work together with you and glad that our paths crossed. Thank you!

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