A red potpourri blanket (fundraising)

We would like to thank our reader and ardent FB follower, Ms Iza, for her very generous contribution of RM350 to our Fund for this red potpourri blanket.

This blanket is made out of small pieces of reds, orange, yellow and related shades.  It has a border of strawberry motives.

It took me more than a week to complete it. But I had great fun sewing it.

We can create beauty from chaos and randomness!

The backing is this sweet pink Hello Kitty cloth contributed by Ms Ooi. It is quality and very soft cotton.

My supervisor and I hope Ms Iza likes it!

If you are interested in a potpourri blanket, sewn from remnant cloth (so that nothing is wasted), do write to me at chankahyein@gmail.com. Every blanket is unique and sewn with lots of love. A standard single blanket is about 55 in by 75 in and we would appreciate a minimum donation of RM150, please.

100% of your donation will go to our Neutering Fund for the animals.

Thank you very much for your kind support!

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