The girls’ stories

It seems unfair that most of our home stories are about the boys, so here’s a girls’ story.

The girls are outnumbered now. There are only four of them – Tabs, Heidi, Pole and Cleo. There are seven boys – Cow, Bunny, Indy, Vincent, Tiger, Ginger and Mr Zurik.

Tabs loves sitting ON us.

Nowadays, the tabbies get the bed. Sometimes, we would find Tiger, Tabs, Vincent and Heidi (all four!) on the bed. But the moment Ginger comes up, everyone runs off. Tabbies unite, but Ginger rules?

When the tabbies are on the bed, there is no problems with territory. Everyone has his/her own space.

Heidi has finally abandoned and discarded her paper bag.

Pole and Cleo seldom get written about, but that’s because they don’t create any issue with anyone. Cleo does, occasionally, but Pole doesn’t.

Pole is very happy at her condo and she is particularly happier when all the blankets are changed.

Cats love clean things.

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