Neutering aid for 5 cats in Sg Buloh (Wong Suk Wern’s)

We have sponsored RM300 for the neutering of these 5 cats.

DEAR Dr Chan,

I rescued these cats at Pasar Pagi nearby my house (Sg Buloh).

我家是在sungai buloh pasar pagi賣麵包的 時常會見到很多被遺棄的流浪貓/狗。如果我家不救牠們 牠們就會被野狗咬死 或者7早8早會被pasar做生意的小販車碾死,我已經看過很多次了。。。所以我把從牠們baby開始養大牠們再一次過載幾隻去結紮。

第6隻我知道已經超出一個星期可以claim Rm300的的amount,不過我希望你們可以approve。。。遲兩個星期bank in也沒關系的~pls~

I bring them to clinic to do neutering.

All the kittens we will take good care,  and looking for people to adopt them.

Attachment herewith picture before and after neutering.

The receipt of surgery,I had post to your address.

Kindly refer for it.

Appreciate your kindness, looking forward  your sponsor approval.

Best Regards,

Thank You,

Stephanie Wong

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