12 songket bags (fundraising)

We would like to thank our anonymous donor for her very kind donation of RM800 for these 12 songket bags! Our anonymous donor also bought the cloth for us to sew.  There are four colours and they are all woven songket. The cloth was enough to make 16 medium-sized bags, but she only wanted 12, so we still have enough cloth to make one more of each colour. If anyone is interested, please do write to me at chankahyein@gmail.com.

Since it’s songket, it definitely needs a lining and we are so fortunate that we have songkety (cotton) cloth left behind from last time (donated by Mr Ooi In Haw) which coincidentally matches every single colour of these songket cloth.  It is a perfect match and also very “user-friendly” since it’s cotton and makes a very good lining. Plus, it’s of a songkety design too. Thank you, Mr Ooi!

So each bag has a lining, and is hence priced at RM50 each (reversible bags).

Here they are:

Dark red




We have left-over fabric to sew one more of each colour, if anyone is interested.

It was very challenging sewing these bags too as this is the first time I have sewn brocade material. The material is delicate and care is needed while sewing. Our supervisor-cats could not be let near the material too. If their claws get entangled with the material, it would be extremely tricky! No mishaps, thank goodness!

To optimise the cloth (for minimum wastage), these are medium-sized bags (18 in by 15 in).

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