Mr Zurik’s new buddy

Last week, poor Ginger got beaten up by Mr Zurik.

Ginger was just on his morning trip out to touch noses with his BFF (Mr Zurik) when out of the blue, Mr Zurik decided to attack Ginger instead. Luckily I was right there and managed to break up the fight, but  Mr Zurik attacked Ginger again, so poor Ginger was attacked twice that morning.

Unfortunately, this experience hasn’t deterred Ginger from wanting to go out. But so far, we have not allowed him to do so. It’s lucky that Ginger wasn’t hurt in both attacks.

But Ginger did have a butt sore (which is unrelated to the attacks) and it’s healing now.

That aside, Mr Zurik seems to have made a new buddy.

Of all the cats who have tried to come into our porch, it looks like Mr Zurik chose to allow this one to come in.

We don’t know whether it’s a he or she, so let’s just assume it’s a he for now. We have spotted him inside the porch many times now, sometimes sitting with Mr Zurik and even eating his food. Mr Zurik shares his food with his friend.

He must be from one of the houses down the road as he has a collar.

What’s your name, buddy?

Here comes Mr Zurik.

Hello, Sir!

Are you still friends with Ginger now? 

Maybe it was just a playful fight? Ginger didn’t seem disturbed or frightened by it at all. He still wants to go out. Tufts of hair did fly all over the place during both fights, though.

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