Tiger’s bite wounds

Ever since the last trip to the vet’s, Tiger’s wound (with the “fistullas” (tunnels under the skin)) healed and during the 17-day period when he was put on Clavamox, he had no seizures at all.

After that, the seizures came back and it has been averaging at 1-2 fits per day.

He is still on Prochlorperazine for the seizures.

Every now and then, he would bite himself during the seizures and end up having wounds on his back and flanks. I’ve been monitoring these wounds and so far, all have healed with no complications.

It was about 3 days ago that there were blood stains on the floor during his seizures. He probably bit too deeply so it got infected under the skin and a hard lump developed.

Today, we took Tiger to the vet to get it checked and true enough, it’s infected under the skin, hence, the hardened lump. But the vet says it’s still in its early stages, so, hopefully, a 2-week course of antibiotics (Clavamox) will help it heal.

The area had to be shaved. Daily cleaning (if any liquid oozes out) and application of povidone iodine. Two weeks of Clavamox.

The vet says to continue with his Prochlorperazine (half tablet once a day) for now. 1-2 fits per day doesn’t warrant any heavier medication for now.

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