A final farewell to Daffodil

It’s been more than 2 months since Daffodil passed on peacefully.

This morning, we interred her ashes next to Rosie’s, under Rosie’s favourite tree at the park.

For the past few nights, I kept remembering the image of the night before Daffodil passed away, where she sat with Ginger at the patio, enjoying the night air, keeping her son company for the last time. Ginger sat on the chair, while Daffodil sat on the floor. Together. In peaceful silence.

Normally, Daffodil would be sitting with us in the living room, on the sofa, but that night, she chose to go out to the patio to sit with Ginger.

It was their last night together.

Little white bougainvilleas for Daffodil.

May Daffodil and Rosie be in a happy and peaceful realm now.

A picture memorial of Daffodil and Rosie:

We shall always remember Daffodil as the greatest cat-mum ever!

Daffodil looked after Rosie and Ginger preciously throughout their lives.

She braved her final months, coping with the tumour courageously and remained active and cheerful. She lived her life stoically right until the end.

We miss you very much, Daffi. But your tour on earth is over and it’s time to roam freely and happily in a better realm.

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