Pole makes the call for everyone else

Cow, Bunny and Indy are eating machines. So, whenever they call for snacks, we try to ignore them because we don’t want them eating too much and unnecessarily.

But now, they have all figured out a way to get snacks.

They get Pole to make the calls.

And when Pole stands at the grille and makes her “Pole” sounds, which, coincidentally, sounds like “pole, pole, pole…”, who can say “no”?

And the amazing thing is that Pole calls and when we come in, she leads us to the kibble container to let us know what she is calling for, then she goes back to her condo.

She doesn’t want to eat. She is just calling for her brothers and Indy.

And Cleo, too.

That explains her beautiful and svelte figure!

Unlike her two brothers…

…and the biggest eating machine of ’em all – Indy.

The one who doesn’t want to be left out of the party.


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