Living in the present moment with Tiger

I stopped Tiger’s Prochlorperazine medicine shortly after he completed his antibiotics for his bite wound. The vet agreed that we could “experiment” a bit and monitor his condition.

It has been weeks now and it appears that with or without the medication, his condition remains the same. On the average, he gets by with 1-2 fits per day. One lucky days, there can even be no fit at all. But on unlucky days, it could be as many as 3 fits.

We’ve decided to let him be. He eats reasonably well and his weight is constant at 4kg.

No more medication.

He seems happy and is at peace in the present moment.

His favourite place is the sofa and he especially likes lying ON me to take a nap together.

That’s Heidi with Tiger.

Life is all about living in the present moment and embracing what it offers. Tiger seems to know this well.

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