The happy and well-fed dogs and cats on Phuket Island

We made a quick get-away to Phuket Island on Christmas Day and just came back this evening! I needed a short break from all the routine and this quick get-away was good.

The dogs on the island were huge, definitely well-fed and very friendly.

They would just come and sit right next to you on the beach. And sleep.

They would dig holes in the sand and sleep for hours. Tourists and locals were all very friendly to the dogs.

Of course there were cats as well.

We stayed at Naiharn and the hotel guests were happily feeding the dogs and cats outside their rooms. You could see small bowls of water and food laid out for them. The majority of the tourists were probably from Russia. Asians were a minority.

We spent time at the beach, just enjoying and sand, sun and breeze. And watching the happy dogs, of course!

Eating coconuts.

Swimming in the clear waters at Naiharn beach.

Until sunset.

It was a good break from routine!

Jia-Wen and Sihui did a good job looking after the cats while we were away. The cats were well-behaved too.

We’re back home now!


3 comments to The happy and well-fed dogs and cats on Phuket Island

  • Oreo Bartholomeow Balestorm

    Hello Dr Chan, the pictures of the black and white dog that you and Mr Dr Chan took pictures with-ngiao looks like me in my past life! I was named Owen and lived with Grandpa and Grandma in Penang. Grandma thinks that I enjoyed living with them so much that I came back as me-ngiao to live with Papa and Mama. 😺

    Happy Mew Year Dr Chan and family, Bro Indy and all-ngiao!

    • chankahyein

      Oh wow! You were Owen Dog in your last life!! Well, lucky you to have come back as Oreo now and in the same family too!

      Happy New Year to you, Hazel, Papa and Mama!!

  • Chen

    Oh Oreo, is this why you have such an old wonderful soul?
    Also I am glad to see you, Kah Yein and hubby having a holiday. Much deserved!