Time to slow down…a little


Come this May, AnimalCare will be nine years old. Never thought we would have lasted so long, but here we are, and it’s all thanks to the kind and generous support of donors and well-wishers.

Thank you very much, dear friends!

But there comes a time when you have done something for too long and you reach a point of exhaustion. It’s like the last few straws on the camel’s back.

I have been exhausted for a few months now and I wish I could take a good rest. But that’s not easy because the fund is there, people depend on it and it’s difficult to tell the vast pool of applicants that the fund is going to be closed for a certain duration.

If you remember, I tried to take a 2-week break when I was hospitalised for dengue fever in 2014 and I was very weak after that, but what happened was, applicants kept writing and sending messages, “When can we send in the claims??”.  And there are many applicants who do not read the blog, so they were not aware of the break. The claims just kept coming in and piling up.

It’s like this Chinese New Year too. We announced a one-week break from 15th to 21st Feb and what happened was that some applicants want to send in double claims for this week. Imagine that…

I’ve thought about closing the fund for sometime now, but we know many people rely on these funds to help street animals. So, instead of closing the fund, I’m looking at how we can cut down on certain activities.

This is what we will be doing:

(1)  No more participation in events. It’s very, very tiring and it’s also very difficult to find volunteers to help out.

(2)  No more shipping of merchandise. This is to cut down on the packing and trips to the post office. All merchandise will be self-collected from SS18 and petfood will be delivered by the supplier.

(3)  No more home-sewn items for now. My mum and I both need a rest.

It’s time for a rest…(hopefully!).

Lucky you, Heidi!


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