A special Food Project for Mun Mun Furkid Haven

Our first Food Project goes to the rescued animals at Mun Mun Furkid Haven, which is run by the ever-dedicated rescuer, Mr Ng Foo Mun (popularly known as Mun Mun IMonday).

Mun Mun’s rescue and rehabilitation work has been self-funded for the past five years. He has been using his EPF money and also does dog boarding to raise funds in order to look after all his rescued animals.

Currently, Mun Mun is looking after 120 dogs and 30 cats. All his animals are rescued. He is raising funds to build a shelter in Bestari Jaya.

Here’s YouTube and FB page: https://www.facebook.com/MunMun-Furkid-Haven.

Do check out his FB page for the progress on his new shelter as well as his ongoing rescue work.

We support such noble endeavours and are honoured to assist in a small way by contributing petfood to Mun Mun’s furkids.

Our Food Projects will be totally dependent on fund availability. Its purpose is to offer some assistance to small shelters, especially those that are starting out.

Our grateful thanks goes to all donors, past and present, for their generosity and continued moral support. Many thanks to Avant Pet, our petfood supplier.

The first batch of food was delivered yesterday.

1. Alps Lamb Dog Kibble 13kg x 15 bags
2. Alps Turkey Dog Kibble 15kg x 15 bags
3. Monge Cat Adult Kibble 10kg x 10 bags
4. Cindy Original Tuna with Chicken (canned catfood) 80gm x 480 cans

Here are some photos of Mun Mun and his furkids:

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