A little scare from Ginger

Yesterday, Ginger vomited his entire breakfast out, about 6 hours after consuming it. All the food was intact and not digested (home-c0oked and kibble). Right after vomiting, he asked for food again, so I thought it was nothing to worry about, though the part where the food hadn’t been digested for 6 hours was a teeny bit worrying.

Shortly after that, he was eating as usual, but only kibble.

This morning, he didn’t want any breakfast.

By the time I came back from work, he seemed very down and he felt feverish as well (we didn’t take his temperature, though). He didn’t want any home-cooked food either. But when offered Ciao liquid food (the ones that come in tubes and is really delicious), he ate it all up.

We didn’t take any chances so we brought him to the vet this afternoon.

The vet examined Ginger and found that he has gum problems (he already had this for as long as we know). Other than that, the vet couldn’t find anything wrong. Ginger’s temperature was taken and it was 38.5 degrees, which the vet said was normal.

Ginger was alert throughout.

So, the vet said to monitor him, especially the vomiting and report back should there be any further concerns. Meanwhile, Ginger is on antibiotics (Baytril) for his gums and to take care of any secondary infections as well as Ranitidine for gastric problems.

The vet suggested that we try giving Ginger some other food and not what he had vomited out yesterday. Maybe he is just turned off by the smell of the previously vomited food and that is why he refuses to eat.

There could be a few reasons that could have caused the vomiting. Maybe it was hairball blocking the passage from the stomach to the intestines and that is why the food was undigested after 6 hours. However, I did not see any hair in the vomit. The vet palpated Ginger’s intestines and there seemed to be no food in there. He also said Ginger has a lot of fat and his intestines seems to be “floating in fat”. Yes, we know, Ginger has been a plump cat even when he first came. Daffodil looked after both Ginger and Rosie very well, even though they were street cats.

Since coming back, Ginger has eaten twice now. Both times, it was Monge. So far, so good. Hopefully, there will be no more vomiting after this.

Yum, yum…small amounts each time.

Of course, everyone else wants Monge too.

He looks better now, compared to this morning.

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