Ginger seems to be okay

After the little scare yesterday, Ginger started eating again. He only wanted Monge yesterday.

This morning, he wanted home-cooked food again, so hopefully, everything will be back to normal.

So far, there has been no more vomiting.

Here’s Ginger with Tiger, after breakfast.

Ginger seems to be very thankful for the trip to the vet’s as he stayed close to us all day. That’s his way of saying “thank you”!

Tiger, meanwhile, has the occasional fits but it isn’t as frequent as last time. But he does bite himself during an episode so I have to check him for bite wounds on a daily basis. I did find several deep bite wounds on him, including one near his mouth (am totally baffled how he got that wound). I use an antibiotic cream (Polybamycin) on his wounds. Thankfully, he heals quite fast.

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