2nd batch of petfood to MunMun Furkid Haven

As part of our ongoing Food Project, we have donated another batch of petfood to the 120 doggies and 30 kitties at MunMun Furkid Haven.

1. Alps Lamb Dog Kibble 13kg x 15 bags
2. Alps Turkey Dog Kibble 15kg x 15 bags
3. Monge Cat Adult Kibble 10kg x 10 bags
4. Cindy Original Tuna with Chicken (canned catfood) 80gm x 480 cans (2o boxes)

We thank all donors, past and present, for making this possible!

We are also very happy to hear that Mun Mun’s dogs and cats love the petfood!

Here is a video provided by Mun Mun:

Some photos, snipped from the video:

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