The 3 alpha-amigos

Cow, Bunny and Indy are the three alphas at the pantry. Fights still break out amongst them.

Very often, it is triggered by Bunny (who is 80% blind) accidentally bumping into Cow. Cow will retaliate and fur will fly.

However, Indy, as tough as he may look, seems to understand that Bunny doesn’t mean any harm. Many times, we have seen Bunny bumping into Indy, and Indy lets Bunny off.

The other day, Bunny walked right into Indy who was fast asleep. Indy woke up totally startled and one would expect any cat to retaliate?

But not Indy.

He noted that it was Bunny and he just let it go.

Behind that tough exterior (and the mask), Indy has a heart of gold!

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