Neutering aid for 3 dogs in Klang (Jenny Ku Nget Hiong’s)

We have sponsored RM285 for the neutering of these 3 dogs.

We thank Ms Jenny Ku for claiming RM5 less per dog.

Dear Dr Chan :
Attached collage photo for kind reference.
1st dog: As per Dr advice, he is about 7 years old, had been feeding him for year plus and he is 90% blind, can hardly see, such a poor furkid who used to roaming around Pandamaran main Street. Just hope that he can get adopted soon.

2nd and 3rd dogs: Tau Tau & Coco

They are siblings used to stay around Pandamaran wet market, and I used to feed them, they are 6 months old and will send for adoption drive as soon as possible, hope to find them forever home. They are both very tame and good girls.
Jenny Ku

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