Tiger’s hypnotic stare

Despite the hundreds of epileptic seizures that he has thrown, Tiger remains one of the calmest and most strong-willed cats we have encountered.

It was his perseverance and tolerance that got him through years of living amongst the alphas (Cow & Bunny). When they scream into his face, he would just close his eyes. He never moves.

Since living out here, Tiger has developed this knack of giving this very hypnotic stare.

It is not intimidating. It is just….hypnotising.

Try and out-stare him and Tiger wins hands down. He can just stare…for a long time.

He uses his hypnotic stare to ask for extra food, which, of course, he will always get, because we are trying our best to boost up his present weight. Because of his seizures (and whatever underlying problems that caused it), Tiger’s weight fluctuates between 3.4kg and 3.7kg. So, whenever he stares for food, he gets it.

Occasionally, he still bites himself. This leaves many wounds. Two days ago, there were several wounds on his side and two large wounds on the base of his tail. Thankfully, with hibiscrub and povidone iodine, the wounds heal.

Hello there….I am looking at you.

Yes. You.

Look into my eyes. You know what I want. 

Sometimes, Tiger uses his hypnotic stare on other cats as well.

Yesterday, we caught him staring at Ginger.

And after a few minutes…

The hypnosis worked!

Ginger fell asleep!

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