Mr Zurik’s heroic defence

Sometime last week, Zurik made a heroic and successful attempt at defending his compound from a new intruder – a black cat.

It was in the middle of the night when Zurik came to our bedroom window and communicated with Tabs.

A bit of background first: Our bedroom is Tabs’ territory and Zurik does come to the window on the roof and communicate with Tabs once in a while. Normally, he will attempt to come in through the window which he seems to be able to do quite easily, despite the netting.  All he needs is a small gap somewhere and despite his rather large body, he can easily squeeze in.

This time, Zurik didn’t attempt to come in; he just came to inform Tabs about something.

The “something” turned into a fight between Zurik and this black cat and it happened on the roof.

There was massive war cry and tumbling noises.

By the time my husband came downstairs to check, Zurik and the black cat had both fallen down onto the patio. They must have fought on the roof and tumbled down from there. Both were unhurt, but Zurik had cornered the black cat into the cage.

Unfortunately, the black cat must have been so afraid that he defecated massively between the patio door and the grille, resulting in a horrendous stench throughout the house.

My husband let Zurik out of the patio so that the black cat could be freed.

The black cat jumped onto the ledge and ran back towards the back row of houses.

It took quite a long time to clean up the mess left by the black cat.

Thank goodness he has not come back since then.

By the way, Ginger also sleeps at the patio at night. So, where was he throughout the fight between Zurik and the intruder?

He was hiding at the pandan plants.  He must have been really afraid.

Our hero, Mr Zurik.

His body is like a tank.

Where were you during the big fight, Ginger?

Oh, I was “standing by”. Nearby. 

A well-deserved rest for our hero.

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