Neutering aid for 2 cats in Kuala Lumpur (Lam Poh Yin & Chan Sek Choo’s)

We have sponsored RM120 for the neutering of these 2 cats.

Good Afternoon Dr Chan,

We wish to submit neutering for Micco and Rascal.
Micco was rescued with his brother Tawa at about 6 weeks old in Old Kelang Road.  Micco had an injury on his leg which keep producing pus due to bacteria infection.  The vet did a minor surgery and his leg recovered fully.
Although his profile has been on Petfinder for sometime, he did not get successfully adopted due to his phobia of strangers.  We have to keep on looking for the right adopter who can be patient enough to earn his trust.
In the meantime, he is of age and we have sent him for neutering.

Rascal is a stray who comes for food at one of our feeding station in Old Kelang Road.  We call him Rascal coz he makes such a big show when it comes to feeding time.  He does not allow other cats to eat until he has chosen the plate he wants to eat from.
Lately Rascal has been showing off too much and getting into fights and getting himself hurt. We have to tend to his wounds several times.  He has been fighting for females as well.  So, we think it would be better to neuter him for his safety and health.
We consulted the vet and upon getting the green light, we proceed to get him fixed.  He is recovering very well, eating a lot.
We attached vet bill, form & picture.
Thank you for your aid.

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