Mr Zurik’s setback

A few mornings ago, I went out to the porch to feed Zurik and found that he wasn’t there.  Instead, there was a big black cat atop my car, lying down very comfortably and looking at me, straight in the eye.

He was a big cat.

I had to shoo him away, because our cat colony is really full and we cannot take in anymore. The black cat was reluctant to go, but after some persuasion, he finally went away.

Then I found Mr Zurik sitting on the window sill and looking very upset. He was all fluffed up too.

My guess is, Mr Zurik must have failed to prevent this big black cat from coming into the porch.

That’s Mr Zurik’s self-imposed duty – He is our CNRM cat. He guards the porch and prevents other cats from coming in. And he takes great pride in carrying out this duty and responsibility.

Failure to do so must be a terrible blow to his ego.

Not only did Mr Zurik look miserable, he even refused to eat breakfast.

“No, I do not deserve breakfast today. I failed.”

Poor guy….

The thing is, Vincent was also out on the porch, but he didn’t help Mr Zurik. Vincent ate breakfast heartily and wasn’t the least bit disturbed by the presence of the big black cat atop my car.

I failed…

It took several hours before Mr Zurik felt better and I managed to get him to eat later in the afternoon.

Luckily, we haven’t seen the big black cat since then.

Perhaps Mr Zurik managed to keep the intruder away after that?

You don’t have to have a 100% record, Mr Zurik. We know you try your best.

Yes, take a good rest, Sir.

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