Ginger-Zurik: Frenemies?

With so much political drama unfolding these days in our human community, dwellers in the cat community aren’t spared from the same too.

Ginger and Zurik used to be the best of friends for years. Yet, something happened between them yesterday.

A bit of background first, though. Ginger began whining a lot these days (non-stop for hours) and we finally figured it’s because he wanted to go out to the porch and sit under the car. So, we have been letting him out. All he does to sit under a car.

Yesterday evening, Ginger was out as usual, sitting under the car in the porch.

Suddenly, we heard a very strange noise. It sounded like a human baby yelling.

As it turned out, it was Ginger and Zurik fighting in the porch. Fur flew everywhere.

Husband managed to break up the fight, but it was short-lived as Ginger, surprisingly, leapt into the air (yes, you read right, it was GINGER) and pounced, with his entire weight, on Zurik, and another fight ensued.

Both were locked-body fights, but there was no blood. No biting, thank goodness.

The second fight was broken up and it ended with Ginger being the victor (can you believe that?) and Zurik scuttled off, out of the gate, looking rather shamed, and disappeared into the drain.

Ginger too went out and sat under the neighbour’s car.

After awhile, I tried to coax Ginger to come back by using a bowl of wetfood. But he refused.

Maybe he was still shaken by the two fights.

In the midst of trying to coax Ginger to come out from under the neighbour’s car, guess who came out instead?


Yes, Ginger was sitting under the car, with Vincent beside him.

Strange, isn’t it? These two used to be enemies. Or rather, Ginger would always bully Vincent. And now, they were together.

Anyway, Vincent came out and wanted the wetfood.

I got him back to our house and he ate.

After a few hours, I tried to entice Ginger back with another bowl of wetfood, but he still refused to budge. Again, Vincent came out and had a second helping. The two were still together under the car.

It was not until quite late when Ginger finally came back. He sat on the floor mat right outside our front door.

He still didn’t want to come into the house, but he ate a bowl of kibble.

It took him sometime before he finally came inside.

No injuries, thank goodness.

Just shaken, I guess.

He went to his orange basket and slept.

I still couldn’t believe that Ginger won the fight against Zurik…

Zurik is a tank. Even Cow lost to Zurik last time. And isn’t Ginger all “fluff” and soft? And yet, he won. Wow…talk about the meek inheriting the earth….

This morning, Zurik did not come for breakfast. Only Vincent was at Stargate 2. I went to the playground for taiji, but Zurik didn’t come. He normally always follows me there.

It was only at around 2.30pm that Zurik finally came back. He was at our front door. I figured he must be quite hungry.

I quickly got a bowl of food and went out to Stargate 2. But, Ginger followed me.

Friends or enemies, now?

Zurik was still angry. I could see from his body language. He did the “sideways” posture. It’s what cats do – they show their side to make themselves look bigger.

So, I didn’t let Ginger out. Can’t risk another fight again.

Tiger wanted to help…

I can mediate…

A peace talk, perhaps?

Thanks, Tiger, but we would have to give it some time first. Let the dust settle first.

Meanwhile, eat up first, Mr Zurik.

Poor guy, it must have been a huge blow on his ego.

So, Ginger-Zurik: Frenemies?

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