Neutering aid for 2 dogs in Kuala Lumpur (Frankie Chee King Har’s)

We have sponsored RM200 for the neutering of these 2 dogs.

Please read below, for the story of their rescue. It was just in the nick of time!

Dear Dr Chan,

So coincident met a guy taking all these 5 puppies photo (suppose 6, 1 died run over by a car) at a housing area at 10.30PM. He told me someone write in and even emailed to the authorities together with all these puppies photos to file a complaint against all these puppies and wanted them to be caught so desperately. He even told me tomorrow the operation will come here to take over all these puppies. Upon heard all this, I quickly grab them and ask around for a foster home for 5 PUPPIES. I am so blessed because my friend is willing to taking care of all 5 of them but only for a week. Out of 3, 2 are female. So I decided to take 2 female for neutering surgeries. I have named them SMILEE with white color on her hand and the other one is SUNNEE .

Unable to find a forever home for them but I managed to place them in a Durian Farm which is gated in Bentung. I personally sent them there and check the place and I think that place are huge for them to run and play rather than waiting to be killed. Currently they all are in Bentung. Will definitely going back to visit them in July to check on them.  Their mother has been poisoned and died.

Do you know anyone who can help me to catch 2 females for neutering in this same area as they are in danger.

They are so afraid of human. I cant even near them even though i feed them every night.

Thank you.

Best regards,

Frankie Chee

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