Neutering aid for 3 cats in Rawang (Sharifah Hasanah bt Syed Mohd Khalid’s)

We have sponsored RM180 for the neutering of these 3 cats.

I am Sharifah Hasanah would like to apply for subsidies for this three cats I just spay.
Three of them are male , and the reason I neuter three cats once , is because the clinic are giving a bit discount, which without discount the price for spay male would be rm 110 per cat. With the discount, reduce to RM 90 per cat.
I found MIKI last year on June at Kampung Melayu sri Kundnag with one of his siblings, but the sibling died after few month of rescue. He was wondering around the Kampung street when he was only about 1 and a half month.
His mother was abandoned at the back ally of my house last year June as well, she give birth to King around October 2017.
I found creampuff with other 4 sibling which all of his siblings died few month after rescue June last year as well when I Break my Fast at D Manggis stemboat Restaurant.
He was only about 2 month at that time but totally malnourished.
For now, I am taking care of about 55++ cats(got couple of cats pregnant) and all of them are rescued.
Would appreciate your help.
I will post the receipt and Form with doctor sign today.
Thank you very much.

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