The “hole” problem continues

It took many attempts before we figured out the almost-perfect size for the hole in the netting so that only Pole and Cleo could enter and exit while the alpha-sprayers (that would be Cow and Bunny) are kept out in the pantry.

But when desperate, either Cow or Bunny (we don’t know who) would bite off the cables to enable them to come in.

And we’d have to do repair work again and again.

Finally, we got the perfect size for the hole…

Or so we thought.

So what if we managed to get the perfect size?  Cow came up with a counter-measure.

If I cannot get in, nobody can.

That’s Cow’s philosophy. He figured he could prevent Pole and Cleo from coming in if he gets to the hole right after breakfast and lies down right there. Pole and Cleo wouldn’t have come in yet, so he lies down at the hole and nobody can enter the room.

Cow’s plan worked. Pole and Cleo were kept outside in the pantry for a few days.

And our counter-measure to this?

We secretly let the girls in, through the window.

He he he….

But Cow retaliated big time.

It was raining and that’s truce-time. We let Cow and Bunny in and they messed up the room BIG TIME!

It was definitely revenge. No doubt about it. I don’t even want to describe the mess they both created. Suffice to say that it’s almost unbelievable how much urine is stored in Cow and Bunny’s bladders, for marking purposes.

After the big revenge, we decided it was better to just let things cool off.

Don’t mess with cats. Humans will lose. Cats have this indomitable spirit to get what they want.

We let them settle it themselves now.

Pole and Cleo manage to sneak in on most days.

You four settle it yourselves now.

As for Indy, he is the only one who can climb the netting and come in. So, he’s not in the “hole” game.

Yes, Indy’s the wild card.

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