Yulin rescue – by the HSI

The dreaded Yulin festival starts today and ends on 30th June. HSI is doing its best to rescue as many dogs as they can. If you would like to help, please read the update below.

After being crammed into cages and transported for days without food or water, these dogs arrived at a filthy slaughterhouse in Yulin to be beaten to death for their meat.

In the slaughterhouses, the fear is tangible as the animals are killed in front of each other. Some dogs witnessing these horrors lose control of their bowels, while others, desperately hungry and thirsty, drink the blood of those who died. The scene is appalling.

Please make an urgent donation right now to help us end the dog meat trade in China and protect all the world’s animals from cruelty and neglect »

This year, just before the annual festival on June 21st, a coalition of partner groups rescued all 135 dogs left in this building, and 65 of the dogs are now in the direct care of HSI at our partner shelter in northern China.

They are the lucky ones. But across Asia, other dogs just like them are still at risk. Please, donate today to help care for these rescued dogs, to support our campaign against the dog meat trade and our efforts to protect animals across the globe »

These dogs have witnessed the harshest forms of cruelty and are in desperate need of both physical and emotional care. At our partner shelter, they’ll receive critical medical attention along with fresh food and water. With love and care from staff members, they will also learn to trust people again.

The dog traders and butchers involved with the dog meat trade are ruthless, but with you by our side, we’ll give them a tough fight as part of our campaign to shut down this bloody industry for good.

On behalf of the rescued dogs, thank you for sticking with us, and thank you for helping us. With your support, we’ll be able to give more animals like them a second chance at life.


Adam Parascandola
Director of Animal Protection and Crisis Response
Humane Society International

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