Yulin – an update from HSI

The following message is from HSI.  Thank you, everyone, for doing your part.

Looking back on the past few weeks, we want to thank you for fighting alongside HSI to make sure the gruesome dog meat trade and the Yulin dog meat festival comes to an end.

This year, just before the annual festival on June 21st, a coalition of our partner groups rescued dogs from a slaughterhouse in Yulin, and 65 of them are now in the direct care of HSI at our partner shelter in northern China.We’re funding their care and rehabilitation, helping to get them the love and kindness they’ve always deserved. Despite their history, these dogs are very friendly and eager for a caring human touch.

Watch this rescue in action here »

In addition to this rescue, HSI and international animal advocates submitted a letter with more than 235,000 signatures from animal lovers like you to Lu Xinshe, Communist Party Secretary of Guangxi to end this gruesome event. That number has only grown since.

Ending the festival has been a major focus of our campaign since 2010, and since then, we’ve seen a dramatic reduction in the number of dogs killed.

The precious lives spared this year will never forget the compassion of our supporters. Together, we can end this cruelty for good.


Adam Parascandola
Director of Animal Protection and Crisis Response
Humane Society International

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