Neutering aid for 1 cat in Puchong (Lok Chooi Har’s)

We have sponsored RM60 for the neutering of this cat.

Ms Alicia Lok was able to apply for SENS previously, but since that has ended, she is applying for our funds now.

Dear Dr Chan,

Would like to apply subsidy for one female cat spaying cost.

I found her two weeks ago in wawasan bukit kaki area, start feeding her and monitor, she is healthy and playful.

Able to captured her last week and brought to Vet to spay on Tuesday( 26/6).
She was under the Vet care for two days as I my schedule quite full. Take her back home today (28/6) and will take care her till the wound heal then will release back to the origin place.

The after surgery photo was taken today( means two days after spayed). The plaster had came off and the wound heal quite nice.

With attached is the collage of the cat for your reference. Will courier the application form together with Vet receipt by this week.

Thank you.

Alicia Lok

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