Neutering aid for 3 cats in Petaling Jaya (Maslinda bt Abd Talib’s)

We have sponsored RM180 for the neutering of these 3 cats.

Maslinda was able to claim from SENS for awhile until it closed in June.  She is back to applying for our funds now.

Hi Dr Chan
Hope you are well
Below is the write ups and photos of the 3 cats:
1. Donald
We found Donald while ordering food at McDonalds Sg Besi drive thru. So that’s where we got his name from. When we found him, I think he is about 3-4 months.
Fiesty little kitten, but now gemok
2. Janna
Hers is quite a sad story. She and her 3litters was boarded at my friend’s homeboarding service for hari raya. But the owner did not came back to pick them. And seems like the phone and address are not available. cant be tracked.
My friend has no extra space at her place, so we help to foster them. WIll put up the kittens photos soon for adoption
3.Kak Tam
She is actually a stray cat from my housemate’s hometown in Melaka. Always ask for food (her mom feed them) and as far as my friend can remember, has given birth at least 3 times. Do not know what happen to the previous litters.
So now they are all with me. the kitten will be also up for adoption soon.
thank u Dr CHan & MAC


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