Run free on Rainbow Bridge, Tiger!

Tiger passed away early this morning.

We wish to thank all of you for your very kind wishes and prayers for Tiger since yesterday. We are incredibly touched by the support and comfort.

We wish to thank Tiger’s vets, Dr Agas and Dr Kee, for looking after him. We are comforted that Tiger was under the care of two very compassionate and caring vets. Dr Agas never gave up on Tiger, even though the prognosis was poor.  In fact, he laid out a 5-day treatment plan and gave us hope. We are very thankful for this.

Tiger has fought so many battles in his 12 years. So bravely and resiliently too. Now, it is time to rest.

He had a serious limping problem which baffled vets when he was young, but he overcame that. He had sporotrichosis and despite his FIV+ condition, he won that battle as well. Then, came the epilepsy which lasted more than 2 years. With the epilepsy, there was the problem of constant bite wounds as well. Even though he was throwing up to 4 fits a day, he remained strong, brave and even had the energy to be mischievous. He found his own way to fight his battles. Whenever he felt weak, he would hide in the tv rack and when he felt better, he would roam all over the house and often sat with me on the sofa. His wake-up call was at 5am every morning, without fail.

Since this year’s Chinese New Year, the fits actually stopped for many weeks and Tiger gained weight. He went from 3.4kg to 3.7kg! But after that, the fits came back. Still, Tiger’s appetite was robust through it all. Fit or no fit, he was always the one who would make the breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper calls. In between, he even asked for snacks.

During his entire lifetime, whenever Cow and Bunny bullied him, he would just close his eyes and remain still. He won those battles as well. Every single one of them.

Tiger was the Nelson Mandela of our cat household. He advocated peace above all else. No need to fight, just remain calm and all will be well.

I will always remember the time when Tiger was concerned about an earthworm who was stranded after the rain. He kept calling me to show me the earthworm. That’s our Tiger – peaceful, resilient, kind and compassionate. He never harmed any creatures, however small.

Tiger’s demise happened suddenly. He went down in a matter of only two days. Before that, there were no signs at all. In a way, it was good that there was no prolonged suffering. The vet surmised that it was age more than anything else as organ failure gradually sets in from 10 years onwards. It was just time to go.

We are taking time to say our goodbyes now.






Cow, Bunny, Pole, Indy and Cleo were clearly shaken when Ming-Yi told them the news as we were bringing Tiger home from the vet this morning. They looked sad.

All of them came to say goodbye.


Tabs is upset.


Vincent also came back when we received the news this morning. Somehow, he knew.

Tiger and his baby toy, Lion.

Here are some sweet memories of Tiger…

Tiger was rescued off a field in PJ where he was found huddled against his dead mother. The rescuer brought him to us. That was in August 2006.

Tiger with Rex, one of the Sunny Kittens.

This is one of my favourite photos of Tiger and Tabs. When Tabs first came, she had no friend. Tiger looked after her.

Tiger looked after Bobby in his old age too.

Tiger and his beautiful crystal green eyes.

Run free and happily in Rainbow Bridge now, Tigerry-Too!

You have lived a wonderful life. It is now time to go to a happier place.

12 comments to Run free on Rainbow Bridge, Tiger!

  • Oreo Bartholomeow Balestorm

    😿 See you again someday Bro Tiger-ngiao! Dear Dr Chan and family and Bro Indy, our deepest condolences. Please don’t be too sad, Tiger wouldn’t want you to be sad. Love from Little Nut, Indie, Daisy and me and Mama, Papa and Baby J.

  • Loh Lay Peng


  • Ervina

    Rest in peace beautiful boy. May u jump, leap and fly happily on the other side <3 Condolwnces to you and family Dr Chan. Know that he’s always around, only in a different dimension <3

  • Chen

    Tiger was an amazing cat. Remember the blog post when you were still in your old house where he did some interior decorating for you? Don’t remember clearly, but it could be some flowers or rocks for an altar.

  • MM

    RIP Tiger😭

  • Catherina Tay

    My deepest condolences to you Dr Chan..

    Run free Tiger.. till we meet again at Rainbow Bridge.

  • chankahyein

    Dearest Friends, Thank you very much for your very kind words of comfort. May Tiger live happily at Rainbow Bridge now!

  • Wine Dogs TB EE TT and rip Lady CC

    Rest in peace dear Tiger!

  • enny

    Deepest condolence to you and your family Dr. Chan.

    Rest in peace, Tiger.

  • Jennifer Chai

    Dear Sis. Kah Yein,

    My deepest condolences to you, family and furkids on the passing of Tiger. The suddenness of Tiger’s passing reminded me of the passing of my dog, Momo. He passed away eight years ago due to sudden kidney failure. He was my family member and was with me during some of my darkest times. I still miss him very much!

    Rest in peace, Tiger and may you be happy at Rainbow Bridge!

    Do take good care of yourself, Sis. Kah Yein and may peace be with you and family.

  • chankahyein

    I miss Tiger so much… Thank you for all the comforting messages, dear friends.

  • CW Lee

    My deepest condolences to you Dr Chan , don’t be sad, Tiger was very fortunate to have you and your family for a good 13 loving years. This gentle angel will be dearly missed by all of us too.