In loving memory of Tiger

I miss Tiger very much.

Today, there was no 5am wake-up call. No one to make the meal calls either. There were only three cats in the kitchen for breakfast – Ginger, Tabs and Heidi. And no one to queue up at the water bowl in the kitchen for me to refill it. This has been Tiger’s daily routine for fresh water.

Tabs was upset and quite lost yesterday. She slept on the mat outside Bunny’s Place and seemed lonely.

I came home from work today, lay down on the sofa and I miss having Tiger jump up and sleep at my legs or beside me. He always did that.

I really miss Tiger so much. Although he was a quiet cat, his presence was felt. And now, his absence leaves a gaping hole in our lives.

Ming-Yi found some of our favourite photos of Tiger through the years.

That’s baby Tiger when he first came.

That’s Tiger with Bunny. Tiger was only about 2 months younger than Cow, Bunny and Pole, but look at the difference in size!

Another baby photo.

This is also one of our favourite photos of Tiger. My husband calls him “The Prince” in this photo.

Tiger missed Bobby the most when Bobby passed on:
I had to spend sometime consoling him.

This is Tiger’s “victory photo” on Day 54 of his sporotrichosis treatment. We beat the odds and Tiger recovered from the dreadful disease. The first vet I took him to wasn’t interested in treating Tiger because of his FIV+ condition. Luckily I found another vet who wouldn’t give up on him.

And this was taken on Day 87 when the sporo medication officially ended. Another victory photo!

And remember Tiger’s Star Wars’ padawan robes? We made the robes to prevent him from biting himself during his fits. He had so many robes, but most of them were “holey” due to the biting.

Lounging and relaxing, back in our old house.

When Tiger saved a little earthworm:

Tiger and the cicada:

Tiger, the guide-cat for Bobby:

Tiger in his jungle adventure (in our garden).

My friend, Chen Chen, remembers Tiger for his interior decorating skills and she found this post:

Thank you, Chen Chen.

We have hundreds of blogposts documenting precious moments in Tiger’s life throughout his 12 years with us. Sweet memories for the keeping.

In the last few months, this mat by the front door was Tiger’s favourite place. He always slept here. That is why we placed him here yesterday, in his last hours with us at home.

Now, the mat is empty.

As I was writing this post, Pet Memorial texted over photographs and video clips of Tiger’s cremation.

Be free and happy at Rainbow Bridge, Tiger.

We miss you very much, but you are in a happier and better place now.

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