5th petfood donation to Mun Mun Furkid Haven

Today, we sent another batch of petfood to Mun Mun Furkid Haven.

This time, it is only dog kibble.

Alps Natural dog kibble 13kg
Lamb – 12 packs
Turkey – 12 packs

This would be our last petfood donation for the time being as we have used up the allocated funds for this purpose. Also, with the increase of neutering claims, we have to prioritise our funds for neutering as that is our main mission.

We wish to thank all donors, past and present, for making these food projects possible!

We purchased the petfood from Avant Pet Sdn Bhd, which has been supporting our work for many years now.

Meanwhile, Mun Mun has relocated more than 70 of his dogs to his new shelter at Bestari Jaya. The new shelter isn’t fully completed yet, and once it is, all his furry ones will move over.

We congratulate Mun Mun on his new shelter and wish him, his helpers and his furry family all the very best!

Here are some photos of the new place.

What a wonderful place and how very happy the furry ones will be, to have so much space to roam and play!

All the very best, Mun Mun!

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