The tiny butterflies came

It was past 2pm just now when I went out to the garden to feed Mr Zurik.

Without Tiger to make the meal calls (his lunch call was always, always sharp at 1.20pm every day, without fail), lunch was late today.

When I poured away the water from Mr Zurik’s water bowl, three tiniest bluish butterflies fluttered around right in front of me.

They were so, so tiny.Β  And for a moment, one cannot help but smile, seeing the tiny butterflies frolicking in the sun.

They fluttered around here.

And circled this bush, and then, flew off.

Did you see the tiny butterflies, Mr Zurik?

Ginger didn’t.

Our part-timer cleaner came today and I told her that Tiger had passed on. She is very kind to cats and is fond of all our cats. She asked me when it happened and I said it was on Tuesday, just two days after Jia-Wen and Sihui’s wedding.

Our cleaner said Tiger probably “waited” as long as he could.

I am inclined to believe so too.

Tiger had always been someone who didn’t want to cause trouble to anyone as far as he could help it. I think he just endured and waited for as long as he could before letting us know that he was unwell.

His appetite changed a day before the wedding, but he still seemed fine. Then, right after we came home from the wedding luncheon, right after everything was over, that’s when Tiger started whining and the quick decline happened. In fact, I contacted the vet immediately. From the sound of his whining, I knew it was bad.

Tiger had always been a super resilient cat. “Quietly stubborn, but very, very stubborn” is how my husband used to describe him. But “stubborn” in a good way, of course.

Resilient. Super resilient.

So, whether it was coincidental or whether Tiger did endure and wait until the wedding was over, we will never know.

But as our cleaner said, “Dia tahu, dia memang tahu. Dia macam orang.”

More than human, I would say. So much more….

Well, the tiny butterflies have come and we hope all is well and joyful in that higher and happier realm now.

2 comments to The tiny butterflies came

  • Ying fong

    Dear Dr chan,

    My condolence for yr lost, dr chan.
    Rip tigerπŸ™πŸ’

    May tiger run free n hv fun with my cats.. RIP sweetie, koko, lucky & hope πŸ€πŸ™β€οΈ

  • Yen Ling

    Dr Chan, I’m sorry to read of your lost. [hugs!] Tiger was indeed a great cat. May he be in peace and happy with no more pain. Take care!