Ginger defied the Rule of the Porch

There was a rather big fight in the porch late last night.

It was between Ginger and Mr Zurik.

We think that it’s because Ginger refused to come into the house last night, so Mr Zurik took it upon himself to “discipline” Ginger.

You see, Ginger gets to spend the day in the porch, sitting under the car, which is what he likes to do, and Mr Zurik totally allows that. Ginger would sit under the car while Mr Zurik sits atop (the car).

But the Rule of the Porch is that when night falls, Ginger has to come inside. He is supposed to spend the night at the patio.

And Mr Zurik is a stickler for rules.

So, a huge fight broke out between the two and it happened under the car.

There were tufts of orange-white fur everywhere, but no signs of any grey fur (Mr Zurik’s). Mr Zurik was probably so confident that he didn’t need to shed fur (it’s getting into the fight-or-flight mode to make oneself look bigger and also to prepare the skin for any impending attack).

Poor Ginger lost the fight and ran out.

Early this morning, he was on the roof, right outside our bedroom window. He appears to be physically unharmed and there are no visible injuries so far. He ate all his meals too, so we hope all is well.

Meanwhile, it was business as usual for Mr Zurik.

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