The little bird came a-calling

This morning, as I went out to the porch to feed Zurik, I noticed a little cuckoo bird sitting on our gate.

It’s tiny.

And of course, all tiny creatures remind us of Tiger’s kindness.

I walked very slowly towards the little bird and it looked at me. Didn’t budge. Seemed quite comfortable just sitting on our gate.

Hello, birdie…

I told my husband to come look and we sat on the bench, looking at the little bird for quite long.

We had to make sure Zurik was nowhere near the bird, of course.

Tabs came out and looked at the bird too.

Then, Tabs made an escape out of the house and my husband had to climb over our fence to get her back. In all that commotion, the little bird didn’t budge. It just sat on the gate and looked around.

Reminds us of Tiger’s calm demeanour and his resilience!

“Never mind what goes on in the world, just relax and remain calm. All will be well.”

All in, the bird sat for about an hour before it walked along the gate and flew onto the branch of our frangipani tree.

And now, it’s still there, sitting comfortably.

Even though there is no more Tiger’s wake-up call at 5am, I still wake up at that time every morning. And I’ll tell Tiger that we all miss him, but we wish him all the happiness in his new realm.

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