Cow, Pole, Cleo and the hole

The hole story continues…

Cow is still doing it. He sleeps at the hole so that Pole and Cleo cannot come into the room.

Cleo tries to navigate her way around Cow and finds that it’s impossible.

Pole, however, got in earlier, before Cow set up the road block. But now, she cannot get out!

And so, every day, the same happens.

Sometimes, Pole does her own “road block”, from inside the room.

If only Cow and Bunny would stop spraying, then everyone can come in.

Indy is smart. He learns fast, so he doesn’t spray anymore.  Furthermore, he is a climber so no half-netting is going to stop him. Indy gets to come in and out – by climbing the netting. As long as he doesn’t spray, he is welcome in the room.

Last night – the three alpha-amigos bathing in the moonlight.

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