Indy’s follow-up at the vet’s (Day 5)

Today, Indy finished the fifth (and last) dose of his antibiotics (Stomorgyl).

We took him back to the vet for a follow-up (Vincent went as well – next story).

The vet checked Indy’s lymph nodes and they have gone smaller, which is good. As for his mouth ulcers, there is only a very slight improvement. The ulcers at the gums have no healed yet.

The plan for Indy now is to observe his eating habits until Saturday and we will decide then if he has to go on another course of the same antiobiotics.  The vet didn’t want to continue today as he wants to give Indy’s liver a rest.

Indy has been only eating kibble most of the time. Either the cooked food irritated his ulcers or the smell of the food reminded him of pain in the mouth?  He does, however, lick a bit of Cubgrub (blended raw food), so he gets that as well.

Upon coming back, I decided to try my luck again, so I offered him a bowl of raw food and cooked food.

Indy went for the raw food first.

This is actually the amount allocated to Cow, Bunny, Pole and Cleo, but I wanted to test which foods Indy would go for.

Indy polished up all the raw food, then he actually ate a third of the cooked food as well!

Well, I hope this means his mouth ulcers aren’t as painful as before now.

We will monitor his choice of food until Saturday, then decide on the second course of antibiotics.  If that doesn’t work, the next plan would be steroid therapy (which comes with risks).

Meanwhile, we are just glad that Indy can still eat and has good appetite. He is alert and as active as ever, doing his sentry duty on the ledge.

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