Vincent’s Day 2 at the vet’s

Vincent must be feeling much better after the IV-rehydration. He ate up all the food that the vet gave him – chicken breast meat, wetfood and kibble!

He looks more cheerful as well.

We visited this morning.

He was his usual “super manja” self. Even both the vets said so. He’d rub himself all over anyone (who loves animals).

So glad he is eating everything that he laid out before him at the clinic. At home, he is super choosy with food. He is an expert at “manipulating” me to get whatever food he wants!

The vet says it’s best to keep Vincent on the IV-drip for 3 days.

There’s some swelling (water retention) on his drip-paw but nothing to worry about. It was hard getting a vein, so since the vets managed to get one, might as well reap maximum benefit from the IV-drip. Vincent is still dehydrated though it’s slightly better than yesterday.

The vet also cautioned that Vincent might only be feeling better because of the IV-drip. Feeling better may not mean he is getting better. We still have to wait for the blood test results.

The vet also suspects Vincent may already have kidney failure. If so, that would be a condition that we would have to learn to manage – probably with subcut fluids. Whatever it is, we have to wait for the blood test results.

Hey, Vincent!

You have to stay here for a few more days, alright? You have two nice vets looking after you – you’re in the best hands.

It was a long wait for the blood test results and we only managed to get it a few minutes ago, after 5pm.

The vet texted:

Some elevation of the kidney parameters seen, i think its mostly due to dehydration. Large increase in white blood cells. Other then that, results were largely unremarkable. No change in treatment plans.

What a relief! So, it’s not total kidney failure.

We shall continue with the same treatment plans – IV-drips and antibiotic injections. The large increase in white blood cells is due to the massive gum issues, so let’s hope the antibiotics will do its work.

Meanwhile, thank you very much, dear friends, for rooting for Vincent!

Tomorrow the clinic is closed, so we shall see how he is on Saturday.

Note: Vincent’s antibiotics:¬†Enrofloxacin sq 5mg/kg sid and metronidazole iv 10mg/kg bid.

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  • Loh Lay Peng

    Glad Vincent is getting better. You need to take care of yourself too Sis. MAY ALL BE WELL N HAPPY.