Vincent’s home!

Vincent is discharged and home now!

He is not fully recovered yet and the ulcers are still bad, but he can already be off from the IV-drip and be on oral medication. However, he IS very difficult to pill, so that is going to be a great challenge.

His hydration improved after being on drips and so has his appetite, which is all good. But Vincent is not out of the woods yet.

This morning, at the clinic, he got himself all entangled with the IV-tubes. He must be quite restless after having been in the cage for three days.

Stretch a bit, Vincent. You’re home now. And get some healing sun too.

He looks a lot better than he was three days ago too. When we admitted him, he only weighed 3kg. Today, he is 3.4kg.

He ate more than one can of food too.

That’s Tabs saying hi.

We have to keep Vincent away from the rest of the cats since he has the flu. But the discharge is clear, though, so hopefully, his antibiotics will take care of the flu as well.

Vincent is on Baytril and Stomorgyl for the ulcers.

The first thing Vincent did when he came home was to pee. A big one too.

And after eating, he defecated. All well-formed.

Of course he wants to go out, but no, you cannot. Not yet.

He’ll have to be confined until he finishes his medication.

Meanwhile, we hope his appetite continues to be good.

We thank everyone for all your kind wishes for Vincent’s recovery. And many thanks to both his vets too!

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