What’s the game, Mr Zurik?

For many months now, Mr Zurik has been coming into the house through our bathroom windows. This is despite the fact that both windows are netted. All he needed was a slight gap (which there is) at the netting, and he comes right in.

It’s like a game to him.

All he does is to come through the window early in the morning, get into our bedroom, then he goes downstairs and waits for us.

And when we see him, he behaves as though it’s nothing is out of the ordinary, then he’ll ask to be let out through Stargate2.

It’s not like he even wants to stay inside the house. He wants to go back outside.

It’s more like the thrill of coming in through a “forbidden means” – that makes it sweet, for him.

This is all okay, as long as he doesn’t start marking (spraying urine), which we think he will, based on past experience. It would be just a matter of time.

Mr Zurik is, after all, also an alpha-cat.

So, we wanted to stop his habit and we started closing both the bathroom windows. Of course this made the bathroom very stuffy and that’s definitely no good.

Then, we had another “brilliant” idea – we have two bathroom windows. One opens out to the basin and the second one opens out to the shower area. We could close the first window (which opens out to the basin) and open the one at the shower area. Then, we close the glass door of the shower area. This way, if Mr Zurik comes in through this second window, he would be trapped in the shower area. Maybe this would discourage him from his morning antics.

Well, he did get trapped in the shower area for a few times. Still, it didn’t discourage him from coming through his second window.

He continued doing it.

“Never mind if I’m trapped. They’ll let me out. If not, I’ll just make a racket.”

Yes, it worked.

But, what’s so fun about getting trapped in the shower area, Mr Zurik?

Is it all about getting some attention?

So, this went on for sometime. Every morning, we’d have to free him from the shower area and he’d go downstairs and ask to be let out.

But this morning, Mr Zurik made an “impossible” breakthrough.

We had closed BOTH windows last night.

But he somehow managed to open one window (which was the shower area window, as that was discovered to be opened this morning), he landed in the shower area and somehow…don’t know how….he managed to get out of the shower area all by himself!

We heard a lot of noise coming from the bathroom and before you know it, Mr Zurik walked out!

How did he get out of the shower area?

Was he strong enough to push the glass door open? Or did he scale on the GLASS and climb out??

Maybe he did something we thought was impossible, like Daffodil using the bolts of Stargate2 to climb her way out last time?  We’d never thought that would be possible, but we caught it on video, if you remember…

Cats are so, so incredibly smart and strong-willed, aren’t they?

So, Mr Zurik still wants to play his morning game and he is winning.

Why, Mr Zurik?

At other times, he lounges wherever he pleases.

The whole porch is yours, Mr Zurik.

Isn’t it enough?

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