Vincent’s pilling session on Sunday

As the vet said yesterday, it is VERY difficult to pill Vincent.

Yes, we know….

Indeed, it was.

Even though we wrapped him with a towel, he kept turning his head so fast that I couldn’t even get the pill popper into his mouth. When I could and I popped the pill, he spat it out, along with very thick saliva. He was very angry.

So, it was a real challenge, but finally, we managed to give him the two half-tablets.ย  It took a few times and much struggle.

The smaller one is Baytril while the bigger one is Stomorgyl. The water syringe didn’t help for Vincent.

I think tomorrow, I might want try the conventional “finger” way, without the pill popper.

I don’t like!!

Yes, we know, Vincent. We know. But you have to take your medicines as you’ve been very sick, and you still have not fully recovered yet.

I noticed a decrease in the flu sniffles, so I hope he continues to get better.

Meanwhile, someone else is also not happy….

Poor Ginger…he cannot get along with Vincent.

Whenever Vincent comes into the house, Ginger goes out. He even went into the cage and slept there (something he never does).

Vince is in, Ginge is out.

Vince is out…

Ginge is in.

I’m even willing to go into Bunny’s Place…

Poor Ginger…finally he just wanted to go to the porch, and sleep under the car, so we let him. As long as there’s peace.

There are just the two of them (males) and yet, there is a territorial issue between them.

Heidi and Tabs are perfectly okay.

And oh, Mr Zurik came in through the bathroom window and came downstairs triumphantly (again!) and asked to be let out.

It must be a game for him.

But make no mistake, Mr Zurik is also an alpha-cat, so if I have three males in the house, it would be a matter of time before all hell breaks lose.


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  • peggy

    try wrap him in towel n feed tab from side of his mouth my hubby expert in this side feeding already but careful of fingers too ๐Ÿ˜…then close his mouth ๐Ÿ˜… if still wan to throw out got to try ๐Ÿ˜…