Cat pillow mania!

After a long, long break (since January or so) of not sewing, I’ve taken out my sewing machine from storage and started sewing again.

And the cats got new cat pillows too!

Cleo has a new one.

I refreshed his old pillow with fresh silvervine powder and leaves.

Cow is playing with it, and won’t let Bunny have it.

He even slept on it after playing with it.

Now it’s Bunny’s turn (after I shoo-ed Cow off).

Mine, all mine…!!

Ginger wanted one too, so I sewed a new one for him.

But his attention span is very short – like, 1-2 minutes.


Go crazy!

And after that…

Hmm…what are those things on the floor?

Time to dry them and store away until the next round.

Yes, after Indy’s done…he’s the KING of the cat pillow mania!

Okay, now we are done.

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